Scripture Union

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path - Psalms 119 vs 105

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Scripture Union

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path - Psalms 119 vs 105

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Scripture Union

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path - Psalms 119 vs 105

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Scripture Union

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path - Psalms 119 vs 105

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Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path

Psalms 119 : 105


Children and Young People Living for Christ, Transforming the Nation

Mission Statement

To Evangelise and Disciple Children and Young People through the Effective use of National School Systems and Related Strategic Alliances.


Open thou mine eyes, that l may behold wonderous things out of thy law.

Psalms 119 : 18


Christ Centered, Professionalism, Relevance, Respect for Children's Rights, Prayerfulness, Inter-denominationalism and Bible-Based


To remain young people's organisation that is led by genuine fear of God.

Scripture Union

Scripture Union is an inter-denominational, interchurch, interethnic, interracial Bible Reading Movement active in over 135 countries of the world 44 of which are in Africa with 6000 SU groups in Southern Sub Region(SADC), SU Zimbabwe has 3000 SU groups.

SU International

Scripture Union was formed on the 2nd of June 1867 under the name Children Special Service Mission (CSSM) in London by Josiah Spiers. The establishment slowly developed from Josiah Spiers’ experiences with children on the beach at Llandadno in Wales where he decided tell children from other camping facilities biblical stories. The experience convinced him that children could hear and understand the word of God. With his walking stick he wrote “God is love” on the beach asked children to put pebbles where he had written with his stick and became written in stone.

SU Zimbabwe

Scripture Union came to Zimbabwe through Scripture Union South Africa in the 1930s. An SU worker in the Transvaal called Paul Reed used to make sporadic visits to Zimbabwe by train from Transvaal visiting schools and encouraging local Christians to be involved in the work. In 1945 a local chapter was started and local office opened 10 years later with Elizabeth Semple as a full-time staff worker. She was later joined by Tony Hartow from U.K. which caused the movement increase its capacity and visibility in schools in a very big way.

Around Zimbabwe, we have about 3000 groups where you can grow yourself spiritually. Join one today.

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Key Service Areas

Our activities are focuses on Rehabilitation, Enlightenment, Support and Training and are divided into School based Evangelism and Discipleship, Literature Departments, Family Work, Leadership Response and Social Response.

Child Evangelism

SU club meetings, School assembly devotions, one day get-together meetings, camps - Proverbs 22 vs 6


Bible Reading cards, Bible study guides, The secret to quiet time, mentorship, fellowship

Sunday School/Children’s church Teachers

We equip Sunday School/Children’s church Teachers with knowledge on how to teach the word of God in their churches. Contact us for more details

Teachers training

By equipping the captain, the style and quality of travel of the ship is guaranteed. We equip the student advisors to run SU clubs in schools.

Family work

Premarital Counselling:

Helping young people to understand marriage, choose a marriage partner and prepare for marriage
Marital Counselling:

Helping married couples to work together through their marriage in all circumstances

Schools Prefects training

In partnership with schools we train prefects to be better leader not only at school but in the society as a whole


Testimonies from SU Alumni


Que Montana

I owe my success to the sound teaching of the Word of God that l got through the Scripture Union and my heart blesses the Lord whenever l see millions of people around the world being impacted and equiped the same way l did. A house that is built on solid ground can never be shaken and so is the man that is established on Godly principles. May the lord continue to raise champions and great leaders through Scripture Union


Tinashe Kavhumbura

Yet another member of the worship team in the same church as the above, testified about he gave his life to the Lord during a Scripture Union meeting. Someone from the SU office used to visit his school twice every week and on the day in question, a valentine’s day, he spoke about the deepest love beyond any other that the Lord had given to mankind. On that day he gave his life to the Lord even though he had been raised in Christian family.


Nyararai Shava

A member of the worship team in the same church testified that she participated in Scripture Union activities at Victoria High School as a student. She got her first pocket bible from Scripture Union. Her involvement with SU transformed her worship style and helped her grow in her music ministry. She explained how the students in her school looked forward to the Sunday when the SU team came to lead their Sunday devotional service. Today she is proud to see her daughter participating in SU activities at her school


Honourable Justice Phildah Muzofa

A member of the Evangelical church, City assembly and a beneficiary of Scripture Union programmes in her youth testified during our visit to her church on the 29th of September 2019 and said she grew in the Lord, was exposed to genuine interdenominationalism and the pure gospel message through Scripture Union Zimbabwe activities such as bible study, evangelism outreaches and opportunities to support God’s work without strings attached.