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  1. Scripture Union Aids Education Life skills Programs
    Scripture Union has in place programs for Children . The work is primarily with youth (in and out of school), encouraging them to choose sound values and healthy attitudes for themselves leading to lasting and effective behaviour change. Scripture Union Zimbabwe runs projects for Street Children and for orphans. Our experiences over the years have helped us appreciate that young people are part of the community. It is therefore, critical that we create a conducive environment for them to be able to maintain behaviour change, attitudes and practices. As a result, we have a community approach to our work. Some of our programmes and activities directly target parents / caregivers, teachers, peer educators, key community adults and church leaders. We also network with other organisations so as to complement each other. Scripture Union is a member of the Zimbabwe Aids Network.
  2. Scripture Union Street Children Project
    This is a Scripture Union project whose goal is the rehabilitation of street children in three of our major towns. The project aims to meet the basic needs of street children, reunite them with their families and see them reach their full potential as independent individuals. There are programs in place that provide psychosocial support to the children and their families. The Scripture Union model for working with street children centres on the following principles:
    • Contact and relationship building
    • Participation and involvement of the street youth
    • Research of the family background and circumstances
    • Facilitation of positive behaviour change
    • Supporting the sustainability of change
    • Encouraging community involvement
    • Advocacy
  3. Orphan Care Project
    This is a Scripture Union project whose goal is to support children that have been orphaned largely through the HIV / AIDS scourge that Zimbabwe is facing. The project helps orphaned children still living in their extended families within the city. The objectives of the project are as follows:
    1. To reduce the vulnerability of the targeted orphans to STI’s, HIV / AIDS and sexual abuse.
    2. To ensure targeted orphans have psychosocial and spiritual support to face all the challenges of their situation.
    3. To ensure targeted orphans are enabled to complete their schooling / skills training to their highest potential and secure employment after this.
    4. To ensure targeted orphans have provision of food, clothing and medical help.
    5. Education assistance.
    The project also targets orphan children who are still being cared for in their extended families because;
    • The vast majority of orphaned children live with their extended families.
    • This extended family “safety net “is being stretched beyond what it can endure.
    • We believe the children are best served by remaining within their family structure where their family, neighbors, churches and school nurture them.
  4. HIV / Aids Life skills Seminars
    We run Life skills seminars in both Primary and Secondary schools equipping young people for better decision making in life and making right choices. The Life skills program for Primary School children is called Adventure Unlimited and the one for High School students is Choose Freedom. Manuals and videos have been produced for these programmes.

  5. Positive Peer Pressure Clubs
    We run these clubs in primary, secondary schools and tertiary institutions. The clubs meet weekly and play a key role in the life of the school, influencing Christian moral values and promoting respect and responsible behavior among the young people.

  6. Camps
    We run camps during weekends and school holidays. Most of the camps are a follow-up to the Life skills seminars and provide opportunities for building relationships and individual counseling.

Other Programmes
We run programmes for out-of-school youths, parents, and key community leaders.
  • Out-of-school youths Premarital Counseling Seminars
  • Church Leaders Seminars
  • Marriage Seminars
  • Parenting Seminars
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